Friday, July 31, 2009

July 30, 2009: TO and I spend some quality time at Training Camp

St. John Fisher College

Me, my daughter Griffin and 4,000+ of our closest friends turn out for a Thursday night practice for the Bills. I see TO. He does not see me, but plays very well.

Next stop Canton. Not for TO (yet) but for the induction of Bruce & Ralph PLUS TO's first game in a Bills uni. Stay tuned, lots of pictures to come after this Hall of Fame weekend.

When it all began

It all started on Friday March 6th. TO was released by the Cowboys the day before and nothing in the world made more sense to me than the Bills signing TO. I was clearly in the minorty at the point. Half the people in the world said he shouldn't come to Buffalo, the other half said he wouldn't ever come to Buffalo--but not me I bill-ieved and I have the Facebook post to prove it:

Mike Sullivan # 1 Bills Fan says Y-E-S to TO
March 6 at 3:45pm · Comment · Like

Early the next morning things really heated up. Coach Sal C. from the Buffalo Range message boards and the website started to hear rumblings that the Bills were very interested. I was right there with him spreading the news:

Mike Sullivan says Sal knows!. Bill-ieve it!
March 7 at 9:39am · Comment · Like

Mike Sullivan is getting his popcorn ready!!!
March 7 at 1:37pm · Comment · Like

I was 100% hopeful but not 100% sure it would happen. Then coming home from the seeing The Watchman, at the corner of Milestrip and N. Buffalo Road I heard on the radio the it was official and the presser was on its way. The rest is history...