Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 9th Pro Football Hall of Fame -- Canton, OH

We were there.

We had our popcorn ready

and we were there for TOs first catch as a Buffalo Bill. And I got a sweet picture of it.

and I could see TO's $137k diamond earrings shining so brightly in the lights of Fawcett Stadium. More power to him. If I was an NFL mega-star you wouldn't believe the size of the diamond earrings I'd be wearing.

If you like football and you've never been to the Pro Football Hall of Fame--stop what you are doing and plan a trip to go there now. Regardless if a Buffalo Bill goes in next year--I'm thinking from this season on I'm going to kick each NFL season off right with a trip to Canton for Enshrinement Weekend.

Where else do you get to see this--this close?

Nowhere. And when this is all said and done maybe TO asks me to be his presenter.

TO. I'm in.